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Eureka and Renton's love

in Eureka 7

Renton lays on a bed of leaves, since there is little else, to make a bed from, around. For once, in a very long time, he is happy. The Second Summer of Love has gained him recognition as a hero, he rescued the corallian girl he'd fallen in love with...

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in iCarly

Most people probably wouldn't stay friends with someone who had knocked them unconscious on multiple occasions, especially if the victim in the scenario was supposed to be smart. However Freddie Benson's friendship with Sam Puckett had always been......

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Simpsons: Part 3 - Blackmail And Fun

in Simpsons

When Marge went into the room she found homer pissed off.Marge: "what's wrong dear"Homer: "don't `what's wrong' me Marge, you know dam straight what's wrong.There isn't anymore fucking beer."Marge: "Homer watch you language"Homer: "Fuck that, they ei...

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Scooby Snacks

in Scooby Doo

Velma and Scooby were searching the haunted house for both clues and Daphnewho seemed to have gotten lost again, Fred and Shaggy had split up and werechecking the first floor and the basement respectively. Velma was too busy looking at the stran...

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anything is a go

in Naruto

Title Anything is a go show: Naruto author's notes---I dont own naruto. here is a long fic. dont worry it gets better as it goes along. all characters that are used are at least 18. {At the ninja academy on the final day of classes.} Iraka: ?class, I...

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Avatar the Well Hung Airbender

in Avatar: The last Airbender

After the war, Aang and Katara moved into Ba Sing Se. It had been a year since the end of the war and Aang had started to learn what sex truly was. Aang would masturbate to Katara. He loved his penis, but didn't truly understand what it was used for ...

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in Teen Titans

the teen titane woke up 1 day n they fucked the end...

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Jen and catlin's fun night

in 6teen

Jen's parents are out of town for the weekend so it time for a little fun with her friend Catlin. Catlin knocks on the door Catlin is in a sluttly looking dress she ask Jen if they be totally alone Jen says "yes lover". Catlin then rippes off the dre...

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Kim and mom

in Kim Possible

kim fucked her mom...

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The American DAD Family GUY crossover spectacular Chapter 2

in American Dad

The American dad Family guy crossoverThanks for the reviews, lol only two but hey, american dad dosent have a very large following, which saddens me cuz its oh so awesome!!!Did anyone see episode 6 of the latest season? "Pulling double booty" (Spoile...

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naughty stewie

in Family Guy

stewie has known that brian has had the hots for lois for a long time he comes up with a plan  to get even with lois for taking his favorite toy and get brian in his debt so he offers to drug lois so she will do anything that brian wants he jump...

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