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Never A Sissy Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Marys InterventionSissy Bladely was again charging toward Johnny and Dukey at quite a fast speed. She gave Johnny a good smack, sending him crashing right against the barracks of Area 51.1, which also sent him flying right through the many... Read more


Testing 1 2 3 Testing Chapter 2

Ohayo Motherhopers! CJzilla here slamming out another chappy to "Testing 1,2,3 Testing"! Now the title of this chapter is pretty self-explanatory. Johnny's invisible but can't seem to scare up any fun for himself. Enjoy!As I rampage all over this cit... Read more


Testing 1 2 3 Testing Chapter 3

Ohayo New York! Konnichiwa London! Konban wa Tokyo! CJzilla here kickin' out another chapter! Woo! Now, in this blurb Dukey's messin' with Johnny... I'll leave the rest for you to fill in...As I toast this city with my radioactive breath, alls CJzill... Read more


The Johnny Test Movie Chapter 1

Me:This is the updated version of my first Fan Fiction and Johnny Test FicJohnny:But you deleted it!Me:*Grabs him by the collar and sternly says*DON'T REMIND ME!!!!Dukey:Hey,put him down!Me:Sorry*Puts Johnny down*Johnny:Start the fic!!!Brendachic12 p... Read more


It Had to Be a Cat Chapter 1

It Had to Be a CatChapter 1: What Makes Janet TickIt was just a few months after the failed Smarty Pants experiment almost ruined the relationship between a certain Johnny Test and Janet Nelson Jr. Johnny was quite nervous on what to do on how to imp... Read more


It Had to Be a Cat Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Janets Request AnsweredIt was finally the right time for Johnny and Dukey to implement their plan. Dukey would dress up as a janitor for Johnnys school, while Janet Nelson Jr., and Johnny were in class Dukey would slip the little robotic f... Read more


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Mr.Black and MR.white

Mr Black and Mr White parked outside the Test residence in their white van, headphones on as they picked up every sound in the house. Everything, down to the sound of the fly buzzing around the upstairs bathroom, broadcast over those headphones as th... Read more


Johnny The porn star Chapter 4: The Giant

Johnny was terrorizing the city. Every thing looked like a vagina to him. He humped buildings, only making them fall down. His cum dripped from his dick and left a line of white everywhere he walked. He found hot girls and put them on his dick to fuc... Read more


Johnny The Porn Star (Chapter 3): Monster Mode

The problems were not over by a long shot. Johnny fucked any girl he wanted as did Dukey. They loved being huge, they felt powerful and they felt like gods. Susan and Mary used the machine and had giant tits that Johnny absolutely loved. The problem ... Read more


Johnny The PornStar (ChAPTER 2): Sex with each other

Johnny and Dukey ran as fast as possible, their massive dicks were swaying left and right, too and fro. B.B Boy had fucked Mary already 4 times and his dick was now 24 inches, just as big as Johnny's. Johnny and Dukey needed to save Mary! Johnny fina... Read more


Johnny the Porn Star (Chapter 1)

Johnny went to school one day and had gym. For gym, he needed to get dressed, but he went commando. "Haha! Look at Johnny's penis! It's not even an inch long!" Some kids said to him. He ran out of school and towards home. No more laughing at his peni... Read more


The Flame Of Youth

Johnny and Sissy looked at each other silently. Their hands met on the game controller, and their eyes locked. Within they saw what they both hid behind a facade of rivalry. Their hands slowly let go of the controller as they drew closer, grasping ea... Read more