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Best Stories of He-Man Hentai 1603:

Reunions Book 1 The Return Chapter 1

A/N: How's that for a short hiatus? LOL! We just can't help ourselves. We've been very anxious to bring Keldor back to Eternia and watch the fireworks. :-) So I'll just give the standard disclaimer and let you all get to it.... We don't own any of th... Read more


Reunions Book 1 The Return Chapter 2

A/N: Thank you for all the kind reviews and the private messages as well!Just a note to any last holdouts: it would really help if you read Stumbling Into the Light by Little Llama Girl before reading this story.Ponytail: I came across your comments ... Read more


Reunions Book 1 The Return Chapter 3

A/N: My apologies, I should have stated at the beginning of the story that it has been about two years since Skeletor and Evil-Lyn left Eternia."What was all that about? And who is he?" Keldor demanded.Adam's posture was rigid as he responded. "He's ... Read more


Reunions Book 1 The Return Chapter 4

A/N: Thanks to Delora2047 for letting us know about the typoswe used to beta-read for each other, but its harder to do when youre working together on a story, so we tend to miss those now. We do go back and fix them, so if any of you see something, f... Read more


Reunions Book 1 The Return Chapter 5

He-Man and Keldor walked in silence until they were safely beyond Snake Mountains borders. He-Man made a point of finding a stream and getting a drink, not only because he was thirsty, but also because he was slightly concerned about Keldors conditio... Read more


Reunions Book 1 The Return Chapter 6

A/N; Our deepest apologies to those who have been waiting with bated breath for this next chapter. (Sheesh, youd think we left you with a cliffhanger or somethinglol!) Sigh, actually, we cant lie. We love that youre impatient! It spurs the creative j... Read more


Newest Stories of He-Man Hentai 1603:

The Tower of Terror Chapter 1

The Tower of Terror The Tower of TerrorThe Tower of TerrorY Aidan Cross, copyright August 23/98The desolate landscape was rough and rocky, and no man had ever been known to walk across it with ease. Few of the people who had tried had ... Read more


The Origin of Man-E-Faces Chapter 1

The Origin of Man-E-Faces The Origin of Man-E-FacesThe Origin of Man-E-FacesCopyright Aidan Cross 01/25/99One of the first warriors to be recruited into the ranks of the masters of the universe was Man-E-Faces. For quite a few years this being h... Read more


The Intergalactic Freak Show Chapter 1

The Intergalactic Freak Show The Intergalactic Freak ShowThe Intergalactic Freak ShowCopyright Aidan Cross, 01/17/99The Siamese triplets looked out from their alcove. The ape-man peered through the bars of his cage. The rhinoceros man stood in... Read more


Kargs Underworld Chapter 1

Karg's Underworld. Karg's UnderworldBy Aidan J S CrossPart 1.Snake Mountain stood tall against the black night sky, an eerie, menacing silhouette. The demon faces carved in the ancient building cast their striking evil glare over the rock surround... Read more


Kargs Underworld Chapter 2

Karg's Underworld. Part 15.Karg, Saurod, and the Skar-vins stood atop Grayskull with Varlon, who had just arrived to join them, while Blade was still in the chamber, guarding the Sorceress. They were there to welcome Skeletor, as he approached on his... Read more


Spikor The Beginning Chapter 1

SPIKOR; THE BEGINNINGSpikor: The BeginningY Aidan Cross, copyright 06/29/98The untouchable master of evil combat hailed from Skeletors home planet of Infinita, a planet ruled by evil, on the dark side of the universe. He was a member of a race of pec... Read more