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Arthur and the new girl Chapter 3

On the first day of school , Buster went next door to Michelles Apartment and knocked on door . Michelle answered the door , Hi Buster she said Hi Michelle Buster said are you ready ?"Yeah" . Michelle said"mom , I am walking to school with Buster "" ... Read more


Arthur Meets Dream Street and the Dream Loompas Chapter 1

Arthur meets Dream Street and the Dream Loompas by SClownzZzZzShips: Dream Loompas & Dream Street; Arthur & Mr. Ratburn - Eewwwyes, I meant that.Summary: Arthur meets his evil self and they have cake with Dream Street and stuff like that. Then the Dr... Read more


How To Break A Family Chapter 4

Authors note: So, where is DW? Is she still alive? Find out at the end of this chapter. Please read and review. I hope you enjoy this!Chapter FourFour months later, after losing all hope of ever finding DW, Arthur and his mom were on the first flight... Read more


How To Break A Family Chapter 5

Authors Note:I apologize for taking such a long time to continue this story. Thank you to everyone who read and reviewed my story. I hope you enjoy reading this.Chapter FiveHey Katie, Kates friend Paul came up from behind her as she was entering her ... Read more


How To Break A Family Chapter 6

Chapter 6Authors Note: warning: this chapter contains graphic violence and material not suitable for younger readers. Please read and review. Enjoy!Chapter 6Wake up! Wake up! Arthur could hear shouts around him.Where aam I? Arthur groaned.You alight ... Read more


How To Break A Family Chapter 8

Authors Note: this chapter is my personal favoriteAuthors Note: this chapter is my personal favorite. I really hope you all enjoy it. Everyone who reviewed my story, thank you very much for reviewing. Reviews really make my day :) Which is why I need... Read more


Newest Stories of Arthur Hentai 1040:

Arthure and his sister

Arthur and Sister Arthur and sisterArthur stood at the window watching the sun pass over head waiting for the full moon to come so he could see her again. All day all he could see was her. As the sun set he could picture her in his mind. Her red h... Read more


Arthur teaches d.w. About sex

D.W. awoke late one night and realized that she needed to use the bathroom. She threw the covers off of herself and jumped out of her bed. She then opened her door and began walked into the bathroom to relieve herself. She dropped down her panties, e... Read more


Mommy, What Are Lesbians?

   It was a quite morning in the Radcliff Household. Arthur and his Father are gone to Fishing and Jane and her both girls stay at home. Well mostly it was quite. But toady it was perfect. There was now quality time for things that waited t... Read more


The Other Mr Ratburn Chapter 1

The Other Mr. RatburnDisclaimer: I do not have any connection to the show nor the t.v. show Arthur. I made up some first names for people. Robert is Mr. Ratburns first name and his girlfriend is Tara.Scene: Mr. Ratburns Class RoomMr. Ratburns grade 3... Read more


Being Muffy Crosswire Chapter 1

This fic is rated PG due to some oh-so-slightly mature humor.Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in these stories, nor do they own me, although Muffy has made some tempting offers...Tommy: "I can write more Arthur fics than you can." Timmy: "No, ... Read more


Being Muffy Crosswire Chapter 2

Startled at hearing Muffy's voice coming out of his mouth, Brain quickly looked down. He was wearing not the blue pajamas he had put on the night before, but a white nightgown. He reached up to touch his head, and felt waves of long, straggly hair.Pa... Read more