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  • 2012.05.22 12:47:26 avatarkatara

    Nice album!! Korra looks pretty hot!!

  • 2012.05.27 08:33:45 farmgirl11

    i have waited so long for this, awesome pics

  • 2012.06.19 03:32:50 AzureKite

    someone has a sick mind, the Polar-Dog "Nala" is a FEMALE, a GIRL, so WHY does a FEMALE Polar-Dog have a DICK?!?!?!?!

  • 2012.07.06 02:13:29 rell919

    i love this. Korra is hot and who wouldn't want a piece of the Avatars round brown ass

  • 2012.08.15 10:18:36

    i love lesbian pictures

  • 2012.08.17 04:59:30 pookiesation

    pretty good album

  • 2012.08.21 04:24:53 k21iq

    woow new hentayyy

  • 2012.09.20 12:05:42 physx96


  • 2012.11.03 07:17:42 chopertony

    tanks good album

  • 2012.11.08 11:42:15 Reiden4

    Not sure how to go about this exactly, but the picture with Pic ID: 369632 should actually be located under Avatar: The Last Airbender. The tags should be Suki on the left, Princess Yue in the middle, and Katara on the right.

  • 2012.12.02 04:45:43 Bengwenken

    Soooo sexy

  • 2012.12.15 08:50:18 BigDick1990

    Very good album thanks a lot. Kora is so fucking HOTTT !!!!

  • 2012.12.30 07:28:25 m

    can we get more please!!!

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