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Testing 1 2 3 Testing Chapter 5

Ohayo Tokyo! Konnichiwa New York! Konban wa London! CJzilla here with another chapter! In this chapter, Susan, Mary and their dad have gone away on a mystery weekend "vacation" and they didn't tell Johnny where they were going. It's eating him alive!...

Testing 1 2 3 Testing Chapter 6

Ohayo Tokyo! Konban wa New York! Konnichiwa London! CJzilla here with another chapter! In this chapter we find Johnny lost and alone, resembling something that happened to me as a child... (CJzilla shivers) Special appearences by Agent White and Agen...

Johnny the Porn Star (Chapter 1)

Johnny went to school one day and had gym. For gym, he needed to get dressed, but he went commando. "Haha! Look at Johnny's penis! It's not even an inch long!" Some kids said to him. He ran out of school and towards home. No more laughing at his peni...

Mr.Black and MR.white

Mr Black and Mr White parked outside the Test residence in their white van, headphones on as they picked up every sound in the house. Everything, down to the sound of the fly buzzing around the upstairs bathroom, broadcast over those headphones as th...

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