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Arthur Read, the series' titular character, is an eight-year-old brown aardvark who lives in the fictional town of Elwood City. He is a third-grade student at Lakewood Elementary School. Arthur's family includes two home-working parents, his father David (a chef) and his mother Jane (an accountant), his two younger sisters, Dora Winifred (D.W.), who is in preschool, and Kate, who is still an infant, and his dog Pal. Arthur also has several friends who come from various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, and he also occasionally meets with members of his extended family as well.

In the TV series, Elwood City is portrayed as a largely suburban area which bears a strong resemblance to the Boston area; the TV series is partially produced by WGBH. Furthermore, Elwood City's professional baseball team, the "Elwood City Grebes", appears to be a fictional representation of the Boston Red Sox. The episode "The Curse of the Grebes" in Season 10 clearly references baseball lore such as Curse of the Bambino. The same episode also refers indirectly to the rivalry between the Red Sox and the New York Yankees, as the Grebes have a fierce rivalry with the Crown City Kings during the World Championship, a reference to the World Series. Crown City, as featured in other episodes, is apparently a fictional representation of New York City. In one episode, it is inferred that an ice hockey team sporting the WGBH logo and the Boston Bruins' team colors on their uniforms are Elwood City's professional (possibly NHL) hockey team.

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  • 2009.07.28 02:45:01 dt2009

    they look pretty good, but could use some more pix

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    i like the pics

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    i would like more comixxx

  • 2010.01.27 03:49:34 llcoolj

    Nice pix everyone

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    more comics

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    not bad

  • 2010.07.16 06:54:17 black_reaper90

    Good pic

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    love tha pix

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    the pics were cool

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    good pics

  • 2010.10.02 07:58:46 theman6969

    wouldn't have believed there were arthur pics out there till I saw this

  • 2010.12.11 06:23:42 DEEZ19S

    Very nice album, some duplicates but otherwise great.

  • 2011.03.24 11:27:07 Lover-Boi

    was a great kids show, like the pics

  • 2011.07.30 06:21:13 manram

    Great pics love them

  • 2013.01.01 06:59:26 I GONZ

    Could add some more color comics.

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