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Bordeaux is a female Blade Brandier and a Player Killer from the guild Kestrel.


Bordeaux is a young, red-haired woman scantily dressed in purple and black armor with many spider-like motifs. She wields a twisted, barbed sword when she fights, which is a frequent occurance. Her wave symbol consists of a large tattoo on her forehead. She seems to be using the same PC type as Ender.


Bordeaux loves having power over others. Though she is a fairly skilled fighter she prefers to go after targets much weaker than herself, so that she can dominate them. Not one to believe in a fair fight, she will only attack when she is sure she has the advantage and quickly loses her composure when faced with somebody stronger than herself. She can almost always be found with her lackeys Negimaru and Grein, along with other members of Kestrel.


In the real world, Bordeaux is a 14-year-old girl named Nina Kircheis. Her father is German and her mother is Japanese. When she was ten, her parents divorced and she moved to Toyama, Japan. She has a prideful personality and isn't good at dealing with change, so this part of her life was filled with stress. She discovered The World during her first year of middle school, and used it as an outlet for all the bitterness she had built up inside. She later became obsessed with Haseo.

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