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Set on a farm, the show focuses primarily on three particular puppies: Lucky, TV expert, leader, and a runt; Rolly, his loyal, scholarly, and always-hungry brother; and Cadpig, their sister, also a runt. The three siblings are often joined Spot, a chicken who wants to be a dog and a member of the "Bark Brigade." Early promotional material had listed "dictatorial Penny and mischievous Patch" as two other puppy cast members, but the highlighted puppies were whittled down to three. (It should be noted that Penny is an alternate name for Cadpig.)

Other puppies appearing in the show have included the brave, three-legged Tripod; Dipstick; the constantly urinating Wizzer; and Two-Tone. The show seems to be a blending of both the original animated film and the live action feature.

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  • 2009.08.07 02:11:18 Spike

    wow thats wierd

  • 2009.08.16 03:50:19 fike

    This one is nuts

  • 2009.09.06 12:51:25 lol

    DOGS????? LOL

  • 2009.12.07 07:02:16 biggnnick101

    love this

  • 2009.12.16 06:49:17 computer guru

    they are so cute

  • 2009.12.21 07:48:08 joetogo

    doggy style

  • 2010.03.02 09:35:52 diddlypeepee

    now thats creepy

  • 2010.03.22 07:43:36 boboleni11

    good i like it

  • 2010.05.16 10:44:40 pornstar69

    this makes me horny

  • 2010.07.15 10:40:48 unown

    I like the Anita pics. Those are my favorite.

  • 2010.08.13 04:30:43 loloaihsjdhsd

    omg beastiality ftw!

  • 2010.08.15 06:57:12 11bleach1

    mega doggy style wierd

  • 2010.08.31 02:02:17 frederick_cute03@yahoo.com

    hot and cool

  • 2010.08.31 07:26:40 gaydude

    that is some nasty stuff

  • 2010.09.24 10:23:48 pussy chair

    nice game

  • 2010.10.06 10:33:00 dsjmatador

    dogs it is cool lol

  • 2010.10.19 08:14:53 DarkNache

    haw can I se the game ?

  • 2010.10.27 04:25:57 eaglehawk511


  • 2010.11.02 01:37:37 Kunal

    Full doggie style!!!!

  • 2010.11.10 11:54:29 frosturass

    this is cool

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