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Finn the Human (voiced by Zack Shada in the pilot short, where his name was "Pen", and by Jeremy Shada in the TV series) is a 13-year-old (previously 12 in the short and the series until "Mystery Train") human boy who loves nothing more than going on adventures and saving the day. He wears a self-proclaimed 'awesome hat' that covers his extremely long, beautiful, flowing blond hair (which he cuts off in "To Cut a Woman's Hair" and is seen to have grown back in "Mortal Folly", but returns to short in "No One Can Hear You",then again grows hair but is only shoulder length in "Beautopia"), and is prone to strange exclamations and outbursts. Considering himself a hero, Finn has a lust for adventure and swore long ago that he would help anyone in need (except the Ice King), but, being so full of energy, he has trouble in situations that require him to do things other than fight monsters. He is the main protagonist of the show and likely takes his name in the short, Pen, from the show's creator, Pendleton "Pen" Ward. Finn was raised by Jake's parents, as explained in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain" and shown in "Memory of a Memory."

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