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Marceline has light blue-gray skin and long, midnight black hair that reaches to her feet. She also sports two marks on her neck which seem to be the bite mark that turned her into a vampire. She wears blue jeans, red boots, and a gray tank top in her first episode. In the episode "Go With Me?", her hair is partially shaved into a mohawk, which reveals that she has pointy ears. She is very thin and is said to be thinner than Princess Bubblegum by Natasha. Despite being over a thousand years old (as mentioned in the song in "Evicted!"), her appearance and personality is that of a teenager. This is most likely due to vampire immortality. In the song montage, "Evicted!," Pendleton Ward refers to Marceline as a "sexy vampire lady." She also changes her outfit in every episode she is featured in with the exception of her cameos. In the episode, "Henchman," she is seen wearing a short, dark gray dress, where the top is ripped and there is a dark pink band going across it. It is noted that this dress is made of Why-Wolf hide. She also wore purple and gray striped leggings under the dress and reddish-purple heels. In the episode "It Came from the Nightosphere," Marceline has her hair in a long ponytail that is tied with a white-purpleish band. She has a red and black striped long-sleeve shirt and wears gray-blue jeans that are ripped at the knees. She also wears dark blue flip-flops in the episode (this is the first episode where she does not wear boots.) In the episode, "Go With Me" her hair is different then in the other episodes as she has shaved half of her head and had it cut up to waist length. In this episode she also wears a gray dress, jeans, and purple boots (boots would be red in day light). She wears an open plaid, button-up shirt in "Video Makers," with a T-shirt underneath, she also wears blue pants, sneakers(other episode where she did not wear boots), and sports a gray cap adorned with a picture of a horse. In Heat Signature she wears a dark red tank top with dark brown pants that are ripped and a pair of black high heel short boots

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