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Aliens vs. Predator, also known as Alien vs. Predator and Aliens versus Predator (all titles abbreviated AvP), is a science fiction-horror fiction series spanning several media. The series is a crossover between two film franchises about extraterrestrial beings: the Aliens and the Predators. The franchise, which depicts the two species as being in conflict with one another, includes comics, novels, computer/video games, and feature films, the rights to which all belong to 20th Century Fox Studios. There have been two Aliens vs. Predator films.

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  • 2011.03.18 02:47:38 cozmo

    alien vs predator or avp was created at 2007 it had been famous by comiccon costumes and toys

  • 2011.08.02 02:06:18 hostm


  • 2011.08.31 03:37:17 johnabc10000h

    Predators are like robots cuz of all the techs and stuff aliens are pure aliens that what some people like

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