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Since he got older, Chuckie has been wearing braces for his teeth (which is expected to be for "2.5 years", according to Chuckie's statement in the episode "Susie Sings The Blues" in All Grown Up!). He still considers Tommy his best friend. One difference is that he is not as close to his dad as he used to be (as seen in the episode "Saving Cynthia") Notable storylines for Chuckie have included his crush on Nicole Boscarelli, dropped after the first season (as seen in the episodes "Chuckie's in Love" and "It's Cupid, Stupid"), first US txs: December 6, 2003 and February 14, 2004); partnering with Angelica on a social-studies project (As seen in the episode "Project Chuckie", first US tx: November 27, 2004); entering the safety commissioner election against an imaginary friend, inexplicably dropped without even mentioning the final result (As seen in the episode "Izzy or Isn't He?", first US tx: November 27, 2004); and dragging in what looked like a trashed Christmas tree (As seen in the episode "The Finster Who Stole Christmas", first US tx: December 7, 2004) Also, in the episode "Susie Sings The Blues", it is mentioned that he first had a crush on Angelica Pickles's friend, Samantha Shane. He is also the president of the audio-visual club at school, as seen in the episode "It's Karma, Dude!"

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Chuckie Finster is a cool kid

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