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Dot (voiced by Tress MacNeille), the youngest of the three at supposedly 6 years old wears a pink skirt and a yellow flower tie in her ears. She also has a "beauty mark" (a mole-like dot on her face) that she calls a "cutie mark" ("Cindy Crawford, eat your heart out!" she remarked after the surgery she received to get it). However, this "cutie mark" only appeared in the movie "Wakko's Wish" and after that was never seen again. Whenever Yakko and Wakko introduce themselves by saying "We're the Warner Brothers!", she always follows with "And the Warner Sister!" Her full name is "Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third" (a reference to Pippi Longstocking's long real name, "Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Efraim's Daughter Longstocking"), which is the reason why some fans call her "Princess Dot" for short, as revealed in Wakko's Wish. It was also revealed that she and her brothers are of royal heritage after the hospital where Dot had plastic surgery tracked down all three of their birth certificates. (Her last name is Warner but is not added to her full name.) Extremely cute and thoroughly aware of it, she is very confident but a bit vain and selfish at times. She is arguably the cutest one; she even sings a whole song about how cute she is in the episode "I'm Cute." She is also the most overtly aggressive. As she says in the first episode, "Call me Dottie, and you die." However, she's been called Dottie a few times and the source remains unharmed, but this is not always true. In one episode, she throws a bomb at Yakko and Wakko for calling her that. She is easily miffed at her brothers' reactions around women; afterwards she often says, "Boys: go fig." She loves her brothers dearly, (especially [seemingly] Yakko, as he is the primary caretaker of the three) but their behavior (preferably around women) often annoys her.

However, even though she views Yakko and Wakko's behavior around beautiful girls repugnant, she has reacted similarly to attractive men, most notably Mel Gibson (She said she would "marry that man"). Dot also carries around a pet, contained within a tiny box, that is revealed to be a horrifying monster much too large to have fit inside the box. In one episode, one of her pets ends up marrying a Xenomorph. She also seems to have a sense of humor much like her brother Yakko. But, like Wakko and his hat, even when Dot is in a costume she usually has a little flower in her ears or hat (unless she is in her pajamas and/or going to sleep, then she wears curlers). Her voice is like that of Babs Bunny, but with a younger, sweeter tone to match with her apparent age as the youngest sibling. Also, as explained in the Animaniacs movie, it has been discovered that Dot was born from a beautiful flower in a garden on the first day of spring, which is possibly the reason why she wears a flower instead of a bow. However, when Yakko tells her this story at bedtime, he makes it sound a lot like a fairy tale, but there is no proof that it is (also the fact that the movie is in a different canon then the show, this point could be null and void).

It is also believed that Dot's personality has evolved quite a lot in the series going by, starting from being a typical girly girl to more mature.

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