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CHERYL TUNT is Malory's secretary. She regularly legally changes her name, going by Carol, Carina, and Cristal at various points in the series. She thinks she is smarter than most of her coworkers but regularly displays a startling lack of intelligence, such as trying to turn on her computer by typing O-N on the keyboard, wondering aloud who brings Jewish people their Christmas presents, thinking that a website can tell her whether she's pregnant, believing that LSD laced paper strips are breath strips, repeatedly demanding to know what cancer is, and sniffing or swallowing rubber cement. She regularly fantasizes about being choked during sex, and is seen after office trysts with obvious choke marks on her neck. In the second season it is revealed that she, along with her brother, are heirs to the billion-dollar Tunt railroad fortune (though Cheryl's half is in a trust that is controlled by said brother). Despite living in an extravagant mansion with Babou, an ocelot—probably named after Salvador Dali's ocelot—Cheryl still works as a secretary.

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