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Lana Kane is the top female agent at ISIS. The show has a running joke about Lana's incredibly large and strong hands, regularly referred to as mannish or "Truckasaurus-like" by other ISIS staffers. She is portrayed as smart and tough, but is constantly frustrated that she's still seen as second fiddle to Archer and passed over because his mother heads the agency. Before Lana was an agent, she was an animal rights activist; at a protest, she tried to throw red paint on Malory's fur coat but was stopped when Malory pulled a gun on her. Lana was unafraid and did not flinch, which impressed Malory, leading her to offer Lana the chance to become an agent. Lana formerly dated Archer, with whom she still has a complex love-hate relationship, even while dating ISIS comptroller Cyril Figgis (whom she claimed she dated because he was the exact opposite of Archer).

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