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The show revolved around 17-year-old Archie Andrews and his teen-age pals from Riverdale High School including: his best friend Jughead Jones; wise-cracking Reggie Mantle; beautiful, spoiled-rich brunette Veronica Lodge; and attractive, blonde, girl-next-door tomboy Betty Cooper. On the show, the friends appeared as a pop rock band featuring Archie on lead guitar. The Archies had a real-life #1 hit single in 1969 with their song, "Sugar, Sugar", written by Jeff Barry and Andy Kim.

A typical episode would start out with the first Archie story, which would be introduced by Archie, and occasionally a different character. Next there would be a "dance of the week" segment which would start with a teaser, then after the commercial break, Archie would introduce the dance, followed by the song of the week performed by The Archies. After that would be a short joke followed by the 2nd Archie story. All 17 half-hours were presented in this manner.

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  • 2009.08.13 03:11:31 capnwally

    nice pic

  • 2009.11.06 12:59:24 bag

    good stuff

  • 2010.05.17 11:55:04 don j

    hot stuff

  • 2010.06.24 10:55:55 pimpin07

    not bad

  • 2010.10.21 10:45:07


  • 2011.03.13 10:07:27 adrianjeep

    i like this nice

  • 2011.11.06 01:58:17 Chiron

    Oh my Betty!

  • 2012.03.06 12:10:38

    Wish my High School had been like Riverdale!

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