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Dan Kuso's life changed one day when random cards fell out of the sky. He and his friend Shun invented a game called Bakugan with these. Together with his friends Runo, Marucho, Julie, Shun, and Alice, they form the Bakugan Battle Brawlers and its members are accidentally dragged into fighting for the fate of Vestroia (the Bakugan's home dimension) against the Doom Beings.

The season is the story of a dimension called Vestroia which loses its natural balance and merges with the Earth and many other alien planets. An evil Bakugan called Naga was tempted and decided to take the Silent Core, a huge ball of negative energy that along with the positive Infinity Core, forms the Perfect Core that balances Vestroia. So Dan and his friends decided to bring back balance by meeting new friends and allies in the other planets, learn more about the origin of the Bakugan; and facing Naga, who seeks the Infinity Core so that he could complete the Perfect Core and have the ultimate power.

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  • 2009.12.10 03:31:22 einar

    The picturs was nice. I like Alice, so more icturs of her.

  • 2010.01.25 09:52:30 6ke6kl7uktk7l

    100% sexy XD

  • 2010.02.24 01:41:25 BLEACHFREAK12

    good job

  • 2010.03.04 06:56:16 kakinho

    hooo mann..nice good !!!

  • 2010.03.26 08:21:03 djmix895

    freaking sexy

  • 2010.04.15 02:50:37 beyazkurt

    im love bakugan alice is too sexy

  • 2010.04.24 11:43:15 animeporn

    good job

  • 2010.07.27 06:20:03 thewizard

    fantastic all very nice

  • 2010.09.20 07:28:59 zidriusz

    I never imagine this in my life xD

  • 2010.10.08 11:40:27 masterphoenix

    500% sexy yet great pics

  • 2010.10.21 06:46:59 danxd

    all pictures are nice. I relay like mira and julie, they are so sexy

  • 2010.10.23 07:31:22 edymajo

    mmm... gooood!!!!

  • 2010.10.24 03:39:16 Reaper_X

    fucking nice

  • 2010.11.05 09:18:59 Sparky37

    sweet album

  • 2010.11.13 03:38:43 pali148

    nice,sexy picture

  • 2010.11.22 08:53:51 krazy cram

    good job

  • 2010.12.16 08:51:18 raider25

    100% sexy

  • 2011.01.01 06:07:30 tuzik951

    nice very nice xD

  • 2011.01.08 09:58:51 j8slayer

    sexy pics

  • 2011.01.18 10:22:28 xxelvillaxx

    wow great

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