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Ultimate Alien Force Chapter 1

Ultimate Alien ForceUltimate Alien ForceI: The 10, Part 1Bellwood, IllinoisBENJAMIN TENNYSON, WAKE UP! YOURE GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!Thirteen year-old Ben Tennyson woke up from his bedrooms floor, groaning. He and his friends had made sure that the ...

Small Problem

This was quite the treat for them, to be staying in a motel instead of the back of the Winnebago. Ben and Gwen sat at the table of the vehicle waiting for Grandpa Max to return. “A night without your snoring.” Gwen said with a dreamy smil...

Choices Chapter 7

TITLE: Choices Chapter 7AUTHOR: Alison Hart Burnett (B)PAIRING: Wait and see.SUMMARY: It would give to much away.RATING: PG-13 for now. Could change later.DISCLAIMER: Don't own anyone in this story but Paul and his father. Don't sue cause I don't hav...

GTAE Chapter 9

Benjamin Tennyson panted, trying to catch his breath after chasing after Gwen and Grandpa. He had just gotten a new alien, and christened it Ditto earlier that day, but he’d sort of overdone it just a little during the fight with Animo. So maybe ta...

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