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About Cartoon: Bibi & Tina is a spin-off of Bibi Blocksberg. Bibi spends her summer holidays always by her best friend Tina Martin in Falkenstein. Her mum has a little riding-school for children named Martinshof. Tina has a boyfriend named Alex. He is the son of Duke Falco from Falkenstein, the actual owner of the Martinshof. Bibi, Tina and Alex spend a lot of time together, most the love riding their horses. The relationship between Tina and Alex sometimes isnīt that good caused by Tinas regulary fits of jealousy. They also have one more friend named Freddy, selfcalled Freddy the Sherriff. First he acts kinda rude and tries to come on to Tina with cheap bites but in the latter episodes he becomes very nice and appeares regulary.
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