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When she married Dagwood Bumstead, Blondie Boopadoop transformed from flighty flapper into loving wife and, eventually, mother. Warm, gentle, loving and supportive of her husband and her children.  But, thankfully, she has never lost her shapely body.

She's spent many years as a model housewife. On Labor Day 1990, Dagwood and millions of loyal readers got the shock of their lives when Blondie decided to join the work force — she put her talent as a great cook to work as the proud owner of Blondie's Catering. But some things never change. Even though she's now bringing home a good chunk of the Bumstead bacon, she still does most of the housework — for now! And if Dagwood bumbles and fumbles or goofs, it'll always be Blondie who comes to his rescue. She still succeeds in doing things Dagwood simply can't fathom. Thank goodness they're both sensible — but never at the same time!

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