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Blondie is an American comic strip featuring a well-endowed blonde and her sandwich-loving husband, created by cartoonist Chic Young, and published in newspapers since 1930. Chic Young drew Blondie until his death in 1973, when creative control passed to his son Dean Young, who continues to write the strip, and as of 2010 it appears in more than 2000 newspapers in 47 countries and 35 languages.

The strip was originally designed to follow the adventures of Blondie Boopadoop, a carefree flapper girl who spent her days in dance halls. The name "Boopadoop" derives from the flapper catch phrase which was also referenced by another cartoon character Betty Boop, who also first appeared in 1930 and is still with us today. While Blondie's and Betty's drinking, smoking, and driving cars is today common place and down right boring, they were the "bad girls" of the '30s. But with the help of some talented and somewhat twisted artist of today, we are able to see what everyone was imagining those activities were ultimately leading to, and that is sucking, fucking, and other acts not discussed in polite company.

In 1933, Miss Boopadoop married her boyfriend Dagwood Bumstead, the son of a wealthy industrialist. Unfortunately for the Bumsteads, Dagwood was disowned by his upper-crust family for marrying beneath his class. Virtually overnight, Blondie became a domesticated, middle-class family strip, and has remained one ever since. Blondie’s marriage marked the beginning of a change in her personality. From that point forward, she gradually assumed her position as the sensible head of the Bumstead household. And Dagwood, who previously had been cast in the role of straight man to Blondie’s comic antics, took over as the comic strip’s clown.

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