spring break fun

"So what do you boys wanna do?" Sarah asked turning her attention to the brothers. Riley and Huey only held up the Playstation and the games. "Oh...Okay the TV is in the living room." With that they walked off to the room and hooked up the game. They...

ice cubes

It was the hottest day of the summer, July 10th; 21-year-old Huey Freeman was sitting on a couch in the living room inside his three-bedroom apartment with his shirt off in some old basketball shorts Riley had stolen from him that he'd gotten back no...

A little competition

It was lunchtime at Woodcrest High School as classmates and best friends for seven years Cindy Mcpherson and Jazmine Dubois sat at their lunch table waiting for their other friends to arrive. "An' den dis nigga goan try ta whoop me, right?" Cindy ...

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