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About Cartoon: Camp Lazlo is a show created by Joe Murray. The idea of the show was started after Murray made a book. He decided that the book needed a home on the air. And thus, Camp Lazlo was born. The show features a Boy Scout-like summer camp with a cast of anthropomorphic animal characters, a "retro" type of humor and silliness which is akin to Murray's previous series, Rocko's Modern Life (which aired on Nickelodeon a decade earlier), and cultural references. The main theme song plays on the children's song "B-I-N-G-O". The show features the adventures of three major characters: Lazlo, the title character, is a São Paulan Brazilian spider monkey with a carefree attitude; Raj, an Indian Asian elephant who is more level-headed; and Clam, an albino pygmy rhino, who speaks in bursts of one or two words, synonymously echoing his friends statements. Each episode contains two parts approximately 11 minutes long, with the exception of two episodes. The show breaks the fourth wall, such as when Lazlo gives an award to a camper for being the best "incidental character", and sometimes lacks continuity, as in an episode which ends with Lumpus being eaten by a lake monster. Carlos Alazraqui, Tom Kenny and Doug Lawrence, all of whom provided much of the voice work on Murray's previous series Rocko's Modern Life, provide lead voices in this show along with veteran voice actors Jeff Bennett, Jodi Benson, Jill Talley (Kenny's wife and Mr. Show co-star), and first time voice acting Steve Little (Alazraqui's Reno 911! co-star).Camp Lazlo premiered on May 6, 2005 in the United States; new episodes currently aired on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM US ET/PT. In Canada, Teletoon's English channel also debuted the show June 26, 2006; but in the last week of August 2009, it was pulled from Teletoon, and returned on June 22, 2007. The second season premiered on Teletoon in the fall of 2007. November 2007 marked the final production run of Camp Lazlo but however, Season 5 finished in March 2008
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