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Chowder is set in the fictional Marzipan City. For the architectural style of the city, examples from Moroccan and Indian architecture were referenced. The inhabitants of Marzipan City, including the show's primary cast, are composed of various strange non-human creatures, ranging from anthropomorphic animals, humans to more abstract and surreal beings including fairies, robots, mammoths, owls, and many more creatures.

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  • 2010.02.03 06:11:42 K-man

    This is O>K>

  • 2010.05.12 03:32:47 jakhjam666

    This is nice

  • 2010.05.12 03:33:00 jakhjam666


  • 2010.07.11 06:57:35 unown

    Even with some of the decent pics, I still cannot take this album seriously. By nature, Chowder is way too funny.

  • 2010.07.14 07:21:46 Killic33

    Personally, I wouldn't animate this kinda stuff,you have to animate those ugly characters in a different way to make it sexy..

  • 2010.08.17 12:35:26 frozenbill101

    this is great

  • 2012.05.26 12:35:24 darkfurry

    This is a good gallery

  • 2012.08.15 10:02:26 ludycris

    like it

  • 2013.04.16 12:12:17 nuthairs

    not bad

  • 2013.07.03 02:52:56 ljaron19


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