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  "Coraline" - the history of the young girl who unlocks a mysterious door in its new house, and enters an adventure in the parallel validity. On a surface this other world устрашающе imitates its own life - though much more fantastic and извращёный:). In this Koralajn faces such inhabitants in a disorder as painfully amusing Ms. Forkibl and Ms. Spink, and counterfeit mother (Hatcher) - who tries to hold it. Finally Koralajn should count on the ingenuity, definition, and bravery to come back home. Макшейн will state a role of Mr. Bobinsky, the irritable, Russian giant eating a beet who lives above from "house" of Koralajn in the parallel validity. In this gallery Koralajn opens in itself the freaky sexuality and занимаеться rigid sex with all characters мульфильма. Secret sado-mazo bents of other mum (Hatcher) and a lot of all interesting here opens!

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