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Faye Valentine, an amnesiac awakened from a 54-year cryogenic slumber after being critically injured in a space flight. Upon awakening, she is tricked into assuming the massive debt of the man who woke her and constantly attempts to gamble on quick cash as a solution to her debt. Her gambling, cheating, and competitive skills, are unrivaled except by Spike. Most of her past and her real last name are a mystery.

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Xyalon(Send private message) wrote:
Faye, with her legs that seem to go on forever, is definately one of the most attractive Anime girls I've seen for a long time

Ryushin(Send private message) wrote:
Faye has always been my favorite character. She is a complete knock out. Short haired asian beauty with a body that can turn heads and make guys give up their fire arms with just a whisper from her sly mouth. To me that's is an attractive quality.

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