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The Cutie Honey TV series began on October 13, 1973 and ran until March 30, 1974. The TV series is much tamer than the manga version, removing much of the violence, gross out humor and lesbian undertones but retaining Miss Alphonne's attraction to Honey.

Originally, Cutie Honey was meant to be a shōjo series like the later Cutie Honey Flash, focusing more on Honey and Shun Kazama (Seiji)'s relationship and lacking any nudity or excessive violence. A great deal of merchandising was initially planned, such as 'changing' dolls of Honey. The manga was slated to run in the monthly Ribbon magazine, and the series was set to air at 7:00 on NET TV, a timeslot previously held by mahō shōjo (magical girl) series. However, the timeslot was given to Miracle Shōjo Limit-Chan (which garnered poor ratings) and Cutie Honey was going to air on the hour show, Majū Kaijin Daihenshin!!! which previously aired Micord S and Devilman. Because of this, Cutie Honey was now going to be a shōnen (young boys') series, making it the first magical girl series for boys. To make it appeal to a young male audience, more action was added and Go Nagai proposed to draw Honey nude during her transformations.

In the series, Honey Kisaragi is a 16-year-old girl who discovers she is a super android after her father is killed by Panther Claw. The Panther Claw hopes to attain "unlimited wealth" and to steal the device within Honey created by her father, which would allow them to "create an endless supply of jewels".

At school, Honey is something of a "class clown" who enjoys teasing and pranking her teachers Alphonne and Miharu. Much of the comic relief in the original TV series comes from Honey's exploits at school. Miharu initially sees Honey as an incorrigible pest, but Alphonne is attracted to Honey and goes out of her way to be nice to her.

Honey is aided by the Hayami family in her battle. The eldest son, Seiji, is the first person to discover Honey's secret. He meets Honey by chance, and swears to help her. His father Danbei and brother Junpei also grow very fond of Honey. Later in the series, Honey meets Danbei's nephew Naojiro. He is the "boss" of Paradise School, a low-life school filled with delinquent boys. Honey joins the school and becomes the new "boss".

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