Sinspiration Chapter 14

She supposed, in some cosmic way, it only made sense.Daria plodded along the mall of the millennium, ignoring doo-dads and whozits it seemed as if there was nothing she could do but walk. And, of course, she eventually arrived at her ideal location. ...

Daria The Door to safety is shut Chapter 14

TerminusTrent kept dodging Jacks attacks as the building crumbled around themJane banged on the double doors to get out but to no availas the doors were shut tight from the outsideDaria and Jacques faced off with their guns drawn at each otherone eye...

Call of Quinthulhu Chapter 5

5.Red Section was strictly black ops. Almost no one even admitted to their existence, even at their base. To do so was to invite their attention. Plenty of Red Section had been recruited from crime families and from the more ruthless agents of variou...


Artistry a Non-Anime Fanfiction fanfiction by Ronin Dedicated to a real good friend that resurrected the Daria hentai/sex genre after FF.Net did its great porn purge, the one and only Thea Zara. Kudos to you, T. Z.!! Following the graduation eve...

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