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597 Dexters laboratory Hentai Picture
530 Dexters laboratory Hentai Picture

Beau Tie Chapter 2

"So what happened then? Did you end up kissing him?" A small hint of worry lined his lover's voice.Dexter he laid his head on the other's chest, listening to the steady heartbeat. "Nohe eventually revived and DeeDee and I bickered over him for the re...

Another Long Year Chapter 1

December 19, 2008, nearly an entire year since he died. I suppose I should start from the beginning, my name is Lillian Torres. I had known Susan my entire life. Sure, his parents werestrange, especially to stick him with that horrid name (male or fe...

Hope in the Archives of Past Chapter 3

Author's Note: Sorry for not updating in a while, but here is the next chapter.As Dee Dee sat there watching the dark figure sneaking around the lab, she had only one idea about who it could be."Mandark!" she growled to herself, and snuck up behind t...

DeeDee and Dexter

"HI DEXTER" Deedee yells in to Dexter ear witch gives him a half-hearted scare. "awa man what a dream I had" said dexter sitting up, but then he saw that his dick is still throbbing. "wow... you must have a lot of energy to be still standing like ...

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