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Leliana is a bard from the Orlesian Empire. She is a member of the Chantry and chooses to join the player's party after receiving what she believes was a vision from the Maker, the god of the Chantry. Her appearance in Dragon Age: Origins was based on Alleykatze, a model.
Leliana joins the player's party at Lothering early on in the game as a rogue. She is highly religious and believes in doing the right thing. She is bisexual, and thus a possible romance option for both male and female players. In one case, she will attack the player, which results in her death, if the player chooses to defile the Urn of Sacred Ashes during a quest.
Leliana's personal quest involves a former relationship with a woman named Marjolaine, her old mentor and lover, who framed Leliana for an act of treason that Marjolaine herself committed. Upon reaching her home in Denerim, the player may either kill Marjolaine or cause her to leave the city. After completing the quest, the player may choose a certain dialogue choice that will "harden" Leliana. Leliana is the protagonist in the Dragon Age: Origins DLC "Leliana's Song," which deals with her past with Marjolaine.
She appears in Dragon Age II as an agent of the Chantry during Sebastian's personal quest to investigate the growing tension between the mages and templars in Kirkwall which she believes is the result of outsides forces intervening. By the end of Dragon Age II, she is also revealed to be a member of the Seekers and Cassandra's partner. She is also seeking out the Warden (who has disappeared by the events of Dragon Age II), believing her old ally can prevent the war Hawke's actions have unleashed.

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