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Dragon Quest, published as Dragon Warrior in North America until 2005, is a series of internationally best-selling console role-playing game (RPG) titles created by Yuji Horii and his studio, Armor Project, and published by Square Enix. The series has significantly impacted the development of console RPGs, and introduced a number of features to the genre. Installments of the series have appeared on MSX computers, and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Game Boy Color (GBC), Game Boy Advance (GBA), Nintendo DS, PlayStation (PS1), PlayStation 2 (PS2) and Wii video game consoles, and on several models of mobile phone. Nearly every game in the main series has been adapted to anime and manga. Each Dragon Quest video game soundtrack has been arranged into an orchestral piece; the series was the first to have a soundtrack performed by live orchestra.

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  • 2010.10.16 01:22:42 Something

    Nice addition. Wouldn't have expected to see Dragon Quest on here (More specifically Jessica, as she is the only reputable character to make secksie pr0n for).

  • 2010.12.22 10:34:47 cdflyer

    I say just add jessica nude, and it's great

  • 2011.02.12 01:37:40 jaksly

    Hot i love dragon quest

  • 2011.04.28 06:44:05 tiny77

    I like the games for the hot girls, nude pics are best to see !

  • 2011.06.03 10:45:53 jtm80

    i love dragon quest

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