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Sun Shang Xiang is the daughter of Sun Jian and younger sister of Sun Ce and Sun Quan. She participates in some of the later battles involving Wu but her role is not very significant, except at the Battle of Shi Ting in Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends. In history and the novel, she is married to Liu Bei but the relationship between them is hardly featured prominently until the more recent versions of the game. The last stage of her Musou story mode is the Battle of Yi Ling, in which she fights on her brother's side against Liu Bei, defeating him eventually and mourning while he dies in her arms, promising "to live a life worthy of Liu Bei's memory". In Dynasty Warriors 6, she denounces Sun Quan instead and sides with Liu Bei, and spares her brother's life only when Liu asks her to do so. Both of these endings are entirely fictional and have no relevance to the novel or history at all.

Sun Shang Xiang made her debut appearance in the first installment of the game series with a bob cut hairstyle and wearing a simple pink traditional Chinese dress. She uses a sword and has a move-set based on Zhou Yu's. From the second installment until the fifth, she wields a pair of wind and fire wheels (translated as chakrams in the English-dubbed versions of the game). She uses striking and spinning attacks supplemented by kicks and she can throw the wheels for a short distance in her Musou and charge attacks. Although she is an extremely fast and agile fighter, she lacks in attack power and defense, so she needs to use more hits to take out enemies than other characters. In Dynasty Warriors 6, she uses a bow and arrows, but her chakrams are returned to her in Dynasty Warriors 7 (although her skill with a bow is repeatedly boasted in in-game dialogue, and she has special dialogue when using any bow in Conquest Mode, she also uses a bow in her aerial musou launching a gunpowder arrow).

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