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Britney Britney is a pop singer diva that has been a celebrity since she was a fetus. She is well known and loved amongst both kids and adults alike. Some of her concerts have a "No Kids" policy, although this did not stop the popular kids from attending. Francis is also said to secretly be a big fan of Britney Britney.

She has blond hair, green eyes, and usually wears white pants and blouse on stage. She also has a microphone attached to her ear while she is on stage in some episodes. She has a tenancy to act like a spoiled celebrity, becoming jealous at those who steal her spotlight or don't pay attention to her. For example, in the episode "Cosmo Con", she tells an inatimate bar of soap that gets in her eyes "You'll never work in this town again!".


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es un nena que le gusta la verga

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