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Timmy Turner and Hootch Chapter 1

The Fairly Oddparents in "Timmy Turner and Hootch"By TechnomaruChapter 1: This Bud's for you!Note: I DEFINATELY do not own Fairly Oddparents... the word "Stupid Juice" was taken from "Moral Orel"This fanfic was inspired by something I saw online that...

A Taste of Freedom Chapter 1

A Taste of FreedomBy Rin FangHey! Now that I have this shiny new computer, I can upload this! Freedom is pretty much the story that gave way to Lucky Eyes. No, you dont have to read Eyes. Well, FOP aint mine, and Im sure it never will be. Also, the r...

St Valentines Day Massacre Chapter 9

Once more the worlds of The Fairly Odd Parents and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius collide in the ring. However this time its a little different. This time, the boys take on the girls in inter-gender warfare! The stakes have never been higher then they are...

An intimate bet 2

While timmy was just busy with veronica, trixie had filmed their entire session. The two were a little embarrassed, and at the exact same time timmy wanted to say something, the bell rang. "Let's go to my place, i want some too", said trixie, who had...

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