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Mojave Adventures Part 1

"Can we take a break yet?" Veronica asked."Yeah, yeah, yeah," I said. We stopped at a flat outcrop of rocks, and I set down my backpack. The sun was setting, so it seemed we'd be spending the night here. I went out to hopefully find some food at a n...

New Vegas - A Scout's Outing

Chapter 1 - The Outcast Kelly sighed and adjusted the rifle across her back. She was standing on the hillside near Black Mountain, just northeast of Hidden Valley. She was on her way to the 188th Trading Post. She was to meet up with a particular ...

Desolate Wastes

Chapter 1 - Vault 91 Six years before the fabled lone wanderer of Vault 101, thirteen years Project Purity has sat forgotten and rusting. Seventeen years after the Brotherhood of Steel claimed the Pentagon as the citadel. 194 years after the Great...

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