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Bonnie Swanson is the wife of Griffin neighbor Joe Swanson's. Bonnie remained pregnant for nearly the entirety of the series until giving birth to daughter Susie in the episode Ocean's Three and a Half. Peter once commented on her pregnancy, stating that she'd "been pregnant for like six freakin' years". Bonnie is much calmer than her husband Joe but usually fails in her attempts to quell his outbursts. She once said "I can't say no to Joe... ever". This changes once when Joe gets new legs, becomes a jerk and leaves Bonnie. She then tries to shoot him in the back, crippling him, but misses several times, which then reduces Joe to shooting himself. She is played by Valerie Bertinelli in the movie Rolling Courage: The Joe Swanson Story in the episode Ready, Willing, and Disabled. In the DVD movie Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, taking place 30 years after the Family Guy series timeline, she leaves her legs to Joe when she dies. Bonnie and Joe previously had a son, Kevin, who died in Iraq.

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Hope Bonnie Grows Into A Strong Sexual MILF, Then Lois Can Devour Her.

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is the a storie with her and lois?

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