Rush Moon Chapter 30

Do you really have to have that thing dangling from the rear view mirror? Leela asked.All the in people have fuzzy pink Dodecahedrons, Amy grumbled. Havent you heard? She winced, having caught herself too late. Oops, sorry, I forgot you arent up to d...

A Different View Chapter 2

Chapter Two $hopping Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love CreditNight in New New York was bright and dark at the same time, or a darkness enhanced by the studding of garish advertising and signage that cluttered the streets at every level, enti...

The Assassination of Richard Nixons Head Chapter 1

This story is a parody of the Sean Penn movie "The Assassination of Richard Nixon". If you haven't seen the movie, read the story anyway, because I said so.The mob of Lucy Liu lookalike robots showed no sign of tiring as they pursued Fry into a darke...

Leelas Fetish

(Amy continues to talk but Leela continues to think about all the times they’ve been to the nude beach. She thinks about how hot she gets when everyone is starring at her. She wishes people would scam her into being naked. She wishes she was be...

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