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Rex's best friend who was recruited as an undercover agent under White Knight's command. He was assigned to be Rex's best friend as a means of controlling him. He is a normal human. He is blond-haired, wears a green jacket with a chocolate shirt and blue jeans with black shoes. He also knows kick-boxing. In the episode "Lockdown", Noah comes clean to Rex about his deal with White Knight, but insists that he really does consider Rex his friend. Noah says that White Knight hired him to help win the war with the E.V.O.s, but that he was also financially compensated for his work. Infuriated, Rex punches and threatens to kill him, or in the least, leave him for dead in the lockdown. Later, Dr. Holiday implies that White Knight might have had some blackmail material on Noah as he always uses dirty tactics to ensure cooperation. Ultimately, Rex forgives Noah and the two return to being friends.

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