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About Cartoon: “Dora the Explorer” spin-off “Go, Diego, Go!” stars Dora’s eight-year-old cousin, Diego (voiced by Jake Toranzo-Szymanski), a bilingual animal rescuer who has the ability to talk to animals. Diego takes preschoolers on interactive journeys inspired by the rich environments of Latin America and by the animals that make their homes in those habitats. The show is flavored with Spanish words and Latin American music, folktales and traditions, giving children the chance to experience the Latin American culture. According to Viacom, the show’s curriculum goals are based on using observational skills and scientific tools to learn the accurate traits of the animal featured in the day’s adventure. Each episode includes details such as species name, physical attributes and habitat. Every animal on Go, Diego, Go! is researched and its traits authenticated by science education consultant Mario Castellanos, Project Director of Science Outreach for the Smithsonian National Zoological Park.
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