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Goofy, a single dad, moves back to his hometown of Spoonerville with his 11-year-old son, Max. As it happens, Goofy and Max end up moving in next door to Goofy's high school friend: Pete, a used car salesman and owner of Honest Pete's Used Cars; Pete's wife Peg, a real estate agent; and their two children, 11 year old son P.J. (Pete Jr.) and 4 year old daughter Pistol with long red hair. Max and P.J. become the best of friends and do practically everything together. A large portion of humor comes from the relatively normal Max's personality sharply contrasting with his father.

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  • 2009.10.29 02:00:55 shadow

    goofy is my favorite comix

  • 2009.12.30 02:26:00 cmanzanow

    goofy is my favorite comix

  • 2010.01.23 08:16:04 babymikey

    love the pics

  • 2010.01.25 07:19:22 dane1234

    goof troop forever

  • 2010.02.15 05:48:07 jimmy9

    is so great

  • 2010.05.17 10:59:28 don j

    Good hot stuff

  • 2010.05.21 05:24:33 haru1988

    good! omg

  • 2010.05.29 12:00:49 edd.


  • 2010.06.14 07:51:47 hehehaha

    goofy is awesome

  • 2010.06.17 05:35:41 artas

    hmmm totaly spies is beter

  • 2010.06.29 06:18:36 cristianortiz

    esta muy bueno

  • 2010.08.12 08:41:20 dark-ninja-5002

    goofy comix are amazing

  • 2010.08.19 02:49:28 piggy

    the pics are awesome

  • 2010.10.08 10:50:32 samsungphone

    i love goofy

  • 2011.05.07 03:59:36 Killic33


  • 2011.05.11 03:46:34 piet555

    keep the goof stuff comming!!, cant get enough of it

  • 2011.05.20 11:36:01 Maya78600


  • 2011.07.10 10:11:21 DEMONIC_666

    Goofy rules! He was always a favorite of mine.

  • 2011.07.10 10:12:21 DEMONIC_666

    Goofy Rules! Plan and simple. He has always been a favorite.

  • 2011.07.10 10:13:42 DEMONIC_666

    Goofy Rules! A favorite.

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