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 Astrid Hofferson. Striking, energetic and tough, Astrid is a teenage embodiment of the Viking way. Her competitive, determined persona makes her difficult to impress, but Hiccup cannot help but try. Like all the other Vikings, Astrid at first dislikes Hiccup, putting him down and questioning his commitment to the Viking war against dragons. When Hiccup begins to show the strain of leading his double life, Astrid is the first to be suspicious after he starts showing her up in dragon training. After her terrifying, then exhilarating ride on Toothless she apologizes to Hiccup and, after a while, befriends both him and Toothless. Eventually, she grows to see Hiccup as a powerful Viking warrior in his own way, eventually falling in love with him, which leads to them sharing a kiss. She rides a Deadly Nadder.

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