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 The series is centered around an alien invader named Zim from the planet Irk who is attempting to conquer and/or destroy a dark and satirical version of the Earth. Zim's schemes are usually foiled by his mistakes, his hyperactive robot GIR, or by his arch-nemesis Dib, a paranormal enthusiast who goes to school with Zim and is the only character aware of Zim's true identity. The show makes heavy use of black comedy. For example, one episode revolves around Zim ripping out the organs of other children and shoving them into his body.

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  • 2009.12.16 02:38:34 puckyou0012

    i love invader zim but why make sex out with it?

  • 2010.07.15 04:08:45 ild1233


  • 2010.10.02 08:02:52 theman6969

    quite the collection of stories

  • 2011.05.10 02:12:34 Buttercup

    ya why sex out of it

  • 2011.07.08 05:30:38 Sml

    Ya why

  • 2012.08.11 04:07:57 hurts2poo


  • 2012.08.17 09:43:15 hurts2poo

    i have no idea on what a "sex out" is ....it sound like some sort of weird contest between intercity kids

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