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The series features the fictional adventures of Jackie Chan, who is an archaeologist, martial arts expert and reluctant secret agent in the series. With help from his niece Jade, his grumpy old uncle (simply known as "Uncle") and his old friend Captain Black, he saves the world from evil forces that attempt to use magical artifacts to rule the world. Later seasons included other supporting characters that comprised the world-saving "J-Team". He often works for the spy group Section 13 against the criminal organization 'The Dark Hand' and various evil and supernatural forces. The first season involved the pursuit of 12 magical talismans. Subsequent seasons featured talisman powers, but more prominently involved Jackie Chan's pursuit of other magical items. While he travels around the world, Jackie lives in the Chinatown part of San Francisco, California, where both Section 13 and Uncle's Antique Shop are located.Around Season three Jackie Chan is Posined By Valmont (who is the leader of the dark hand), and in return for the antidote he must give all the talismen that he and section thriteen have collected to the dark hand so that Shandoo (an evil sprite which was trapped as a�satue over millions of years ago) may become hole again and unleash his amy and rule the world once more. Jackie is willing to die for mankind, however Jade is not ready to lose her uncle Jackie, which she has only known for one year. So she steals the talismen and gives them to Valmount in return for the antidote so save her uncle Jackie.After a fight ( of which Jackie Chan and Section 13 lost Valmount give the talismen to Shandoo and he becomes hole. Now he is trying to bring his army back and also his brothers and sisters. Now Jackie has to stop the Shandoo from releasing his brothers and sisters onto the world and causing havik once again.

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  • 2009.12.21 08:17:03 joetogo

    love it need more pics tho

  • 2010.01.13 04:20:26 boster

    jade is sexy and hot

  • 2010.05.16 11:37:46 Icecommand45

    Jade is the hottest ever!!!!

  • 2010.06.17 05:08:49 Skadi

    One of the hottest

  • 2010.08.02 06:53:05


  • 2010.12.20 05:29:05 nimic43

    very hott jade

  • 2010.12.20 01:48:10 digi7

    jade is the best

  • 2011.02.04 09:05:52 nah1

    need more

  • 2011.02.08 06:01:18 Taz-licker

    Love it so much, but want more pics ^^

  • 2012.01.01 12:49:07 hlgojogljlohlgl77

    Jade is perfect

  • 2012.05.02 05:51:43 SerpetineKyndred

    I agree, but, what about doing comics/stories/pictures of Shendu and/or his son with Jade or other characters, instead of the typical pairings?

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