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Conquered Reality Chapter 2

All right! The common tests are over and sobs so are the holidays. Darn it, anyway Ill try to write the second chap as soon as possible.I do not owe jca or the song welcome by jump 5There's nothing complicated about theway we liveWe're all here for e...

Jackie Chan Adventures Long Live the King Chapter 32

CHAPTER THIRTY-ONENEW YORK CITY, PT. 1Authors Note:As you may have guessed by now, some major events have been leading up to this next part. Sandi is kidnapped, Hsi and Jade seem to finally be friends now, and Shendu and Julian are going to have to p...

Lestat The Lil Theif Chapter 1

The Lil ThiefChapter one meeting the thief LestatAn abandoned warehouse, a shadowy figure steps onto the curb next to it. The person stuffs their hands into their pocket as a wind blows, fluttering the cape its wearing. now lets see, its isolated. th...

J2: The Deception

J2: The Deception Weeks went by and James continued to see that Emerald girl. Every time they went out, things got more interesting. He was drawn to her, just like a magnet. There was no denying how he felt about her. Once he had enough money saved...

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