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George Jetson works three hours a day and three days a week for his short, tyrannical boss named Mr. Cosmo Spacely, owner of the company Spacely Space Sprockets. Typical episodes involve Mr. Spacely firing and rehiring or promoting and demoting George Jetson. Mr. Spacely has a competitor, H. G. Cogswell, owner of the rival company Cogswell Cogs. The Jetson family live in Skypad Apartments in Orbit City, where all homes and businesses are raised high above the ground on adjustable columns in a style reflective of the architecture of Seattle's Space Needle or the distinct Theme Building of the Los Angeles International Airport. George commutes to work in an aerocar that resembles a flying saucer with a transparent bubble top. Daily life is characterized as being comically leisurely because of the incredible sophistication and number of labor saving devices, which occasionally break down with humorous results. George's work day consists of pressing a single computer button. Despite this, characters often complain of exhausting hard labor and difficulties of living with the remaining inconveniences.

Other Jetson family members include Jane Jetson, the wife and homemaker; teenage daughter Judy and genius preteen son Elroy.

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  • 2009.09.07 07:33:08 w.steinbusch@msdl.de

    The Jetsons meet sex

  • 2009.10.25 05:34:05 xander070

    Nice foto!

  • 2009.12.15 05:24:47 Danielle1983

    I love this

  • 2010.05.17 11:13:41 don j

    Judy, Judy, Judy and Jane MILF. Hot stuff.

  • 2010.08.08 10:05:01 descent

    are you kidding, taram param sucks

  • 2010.09.08 02:22:12 Steine

    me gusta mucho esta serie...jeje lo mejor

  • 2010.10.02 05:15:29 shortplay

    This is the first time I have seen some of these. Wonderful

  • 2010.10.02 05:15:59 shortplay

    these are wonderful art pieces

  • 2011.02.14 06:00:04 vikingpride13

    milf come and get you

  • 2013.01.21 11:51:17 BigDick518

    fuck yeah!!!!!!!

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