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Lillian "Lila" Test (voiced by Kathleen Barr) is the workaholic mother of Johnny, Susan and Mary, and wife of Hugh. She has average length brown hair, green eyes, wears her extremely short light navy blue business suit, with a skirt that is almost on the mid-section of her upper leg, wears a red pearl necklace, and extremely high red high heels in barefeet, so she is never seen wearing her socks at all. Her toes can be seen in certain episodes only. Although she usually wears her casual business suit, she is sometimes seen wearing different clothing, particularly on family vacations. Because she usually wears high heels, it is unknown whether her toes are painted or not, but it is most likely that her toes are not painted at all. Also, due to the extremely short length of her dress, her legs are clearly visible from about the mid-section of her upper leg, all the way down to her feet. She is a businesswoman, though her specific profession is never explained aside from the fact she works in financing. Due to the demands of her job, Mrs. Test isn't seen at home as often as the rest of the family, but her family always comes first and she never misses out on vacations and family events, despite the fact she always manages to take her work with her one way or another. She also seems to have a near mental break down when she is unable to do something related to her work.

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