Kenichi's Growth

Kenichi loved Miu, but Miu didn't think the same for him. Kenichi has tried to get sexual with Miu, but he ends up close to death. Why wouldn't he try sexual things with Miu? He had an 8 inch dick anyway. However, Miu has had bigger. By bigger, I mea...

Kenichi's Growth 2

"Old man! Why did you make Kenichi bigger than all of us! I want a bigger dick! I want 8 feet long!" Sakaki screamed. "Calm down, Shio. Now, you and I both know you can't handle something that big! Kenichi on the other hand, can." "Come on! Give me a...

History's Horniest disciple 2

Kenichi had been scared of Shigure-san the first time he saw her, and found good reason to be as he discovered her enthusiasm for blades and he habit of drawing her katana at the slightest chance. However no amount of danger could make Kenichi ignor...

History's horniest DISCIPLE 3

Kenichi was now far more confident in his own abilities as a martial artist. Having undergone enough training to kill him several times, only to be revived by master Ma's weird Chinese potions, he was much stronger than he had ever been. The main co...

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