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kingdom hearts a world full of power and wisdom a boy named sora is the new keyblade-wilder and must save the worlds from darkness and the heartless leader ansem (the nobody of his apprintes xeanort) after sealing the door to darkness sora and friends were lead to castel obliveon and the lord of the castel marluxia and had a feeling the king and riku were ther two then after meeting namina sora whent in two stacic for a year after one

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  • 2009.08.16 12:17:13 hotaro

    uhuuuuuuu freaking hot kingdom hearts

  • 2009.08.16 08:24:17 nanki

    kingdom hearts rocks

  • 2009.10.01 11:46:31 hazellunar

    good pictures

  • 2010.01.24 05:45:14 randomguy124

    cool pics

  • 2010.06.18 04:50:19 toonlover52

    best games ever

  • 2010.11.27 08:53:29 cat555


  • 2011.04.19 06:31:56 BUBBABRYCE


  • 2011.05.01 06:48:27 Tsukune-kun


  • 2011.05.01 02:33:35 Nick-nick

    love kingdom hearts

  • 2011.06.10 01:50:36 chanksta

    this game is the best of all

  • 2011.06.24 05:11:50 docterlove

    so freaking hot i luv aqua

  • 2011.06.24 05:12:54 docterlove

    so freaking hot i luv aqua

  • 2011.06.24 05:14:19 docterlove

    so freaking hot i luv aqua

  • 2011.06.24 05:15:37 docterlove

    so freaking hot i luv aqua

  • 2011.08.03 06:48:31 2222222oooll

    the best game in the whole fffuuuccckking world

  • 2012.04.21 04:34:44 hellboy2345

    awsome pics

  • 2013.01.12 11:44:47 fred2078

    Hot, sexy and awesome

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