28 Looney tunes Hentai Game
10 Looney tunes Hentai Game

Bugsladdin Chapter 5

After doing a trip in the United States (Vermont, precisely), Im back with another chapter. During this trip, guess what. I found and bought the first Tiny Toon Adventures DVD! And the french dubbed version is on this DVD! Hurray! Now, lets talk abou...

Hidden Depths Chapter 7

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from Looney Tunes. I do own Athena Holiday. A/N: Hey. Its me again. Sorry for the long wait. Been Busy. In this chapter, theres a lot of action going on. And theyll be a fight scene with Roadrunner. :D Will the...

Zorro Nyos Dark Return Chapter 18

Man, I just LOVED writing this chapter! It's so funny! I thought I'd skip the chaos mumbo-jumbo & get right to a funny chapter with one of my favorite songs!In Z-9s ship, Zorro Nyo was sleeping in her chair, like a cat, of course. Z-9 was sitting in ...

Looney Toons. Toony porn Christmas.

A few months had passed since Buster had his first “encounter” with the principal.  The first, yes, but certainly not the last.  The principal had initiated something new with Buster, sex with an adult, something similar, yet so...

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